Testing Time!

At our school (as I am sure most of your schools do) we are buddied up with older grades to be cheerleaders. We give cute motivational notes, candies,and banners. I decided to make this little bookmark for our buddies. On my version I put the child's name and Love, Mrs. King's Class. I thought I would put up 2 versions that you all could use and write in their names and your last name as well! Hope some of you can use one of these bookmark!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I love the bookmarks!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing! I teach third grade...one week of testing down, one to go! I'll give these adorable bookmarks to my students on Monday! Thanks, Nancy
    The Apple Basket Teacher

  3. Thanks ladies! Nancy- I just checked out your blog-- lots of amazing stuff! Thanks for putting me on your sqwrl (sp?) sidebar! What a great way for people to see a lot of great blogs!

  4. These are great! Thanks for sharing them.

    Little Treasures


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