So I saw these adorable pointers on Sarah Cooley's blog: http://firstgraderatlast.blogspot.com/2010/07/perfect-pointers.html  and I had to make my own! So when I went into Lexington to meet some friends today... Nash and I took a detour to Hobby Lobby.  My husband is very lucky we don't have a Hobby Lobby or a Target in Danville or we would be broke :).  I found tons of little animals to put on top of the dowel sticks that I got at Walmart last week.  So with just a little hot glue...
Just two of my favorites!
Ahhh! How cute are these! I also got the bucket at Hobby Lobby.  I made the label using my brand new Cricut that my husband bought me for Christmas! I can't wait for my students to use these during Centers!

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  1. Very Cute idea! I have never thought about making my own!

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  3. Very cute. I made some few years ago but they are not as cute. I will have to take a trip to Hobby Lobby.

    Ms. M

  4. How cute! I love making my own pointers too!


  5. I made some!! My students love them so much! I ended up making some for my sons pre school teacher too because my own kids liked playing with them too!Thank you for sharing! I am not very good at blogging but I am going to try to start blogging some of the things I do in my class. I feel guilty stealing so much and not sharing! There are some problems on my blog that I am trying to work out and there isn't much on it but here is the address...http://talesfromthesmith.blogspot.com/

  6. I started doing this too. I now make monthly ones. My students are so excited the first of the month to see what pointers I created. This month is snowflakes and penguins. Next, hearts of course!

  7. I want a hobby lobby!!!!!! no fair!!

  8. Hadar- Walmart sometimes has them too! I just got an adorable owl yesterday...but yes a Hobby Lobby is a must!

  9. This is such an amazing idea- very keen to make some for my classroom. Just one question, do they last? Are the animal 'bits'' made of wood? I live in New Zealand and we don't have a hobby lobby:( Thanks for sharing.

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