Mini-Field Trip

Some of my greatest teaching tends to happen by chance... for example- just so happened that we were scheduled to study the Rainforest and read the Lorax for Dr. Seuss study in the same week (imagine the connections).  My class was studying the Moon when our Community Arts Center was hosting a fabulous Space Exhibit.

This week- we have been studying plants! One of my students casually asked if we could visit the High School's Greenhouse.


I am embarrassed to admit it hadn't crossed my mind. Quick fix- emailed the teacher in charge of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and two days later we are scheduled to walk over.  We are located on the main campus along with our district's high school and middle school so we literally walked across the parking lot.

We had a VERY nice guided tour of the greenhouse.  How cool is it for teenagers to be a part of something so special?? The best part-- besides the beautiful flowers of course-- no buses, permission slips, money, or sack lunches! Wahoo- I call that an easy field trip.  Here are some pictures of our adventure:

Some sweet young ladies explaining the parts of the squash plants to my kids ( the one is the flowery blouse is one of our Reading Recovery teacher's daughters!). 

Really cool lettuce operation - apparently we eat this lettuce in our very own cafeteria- once again- who knew?
Marigolds, Impatiens, and Coleus - Oh my!
I LOVED being able to connect the conditions of the Greenhouse to those inside our incubator keeping our chickie eggs all nice and toasty! And what do you know- they had some sweet little chickies for us to visit with as well!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip (and perfect to just walk over :)

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