Dr. Seuss Day postponed...

We went to school in our green for Green Eggs and Ham day! We loaded our buses and headed to see The Lorax at the movie theaters! How fun right??  Well that is until my principal started blowing up my phone telling us to get back to school.  We left the movie twenty minutes into the show :( My kids were troopers. They scarfed down their green eggs and ham and jumped in their cars to go home (I did have one throw up on the way out the door, but that has become a pretty regular occurance in my classroom) Why all the fuss you ask?  Take a look at the picture below...
We live right smack in the middle of the white circle. Yup. Not  good.   I would LOVE it if you all would say a quick little prayer for us here in Central, KY.  Love you all!
***Update: My town was very lucky to have not received the worst of this terrible storm! There are many places in Indiana and Kentucky that were not so lucky.  Thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers!***

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  1. Sending prayer your way! We have rough weather on the way too! Claiming safety and protection for ALL!

  2. Oh gosh, sending prayers to you all! How scary; hope all is well!


  3. We got out at 12....missed our green egg fun, too! =(

    First Grade Blue SKies

  4. We're getting it right now... 4:00. So, I'm stuck at school :) Good thing for blogs!!! Hope you are safe and sound!

    Let's Teach Something

  5. It missed us, but hit my teaching partner who lives in KY, pretty far south. I hope you all are okay. XOXO Michelle

  6. Prayers going up for you! Hope it passes over and doesn't hit!
    Kerri B

  7. Hope all is well with you, your family, and your students.

  8. Fingers are crossed and prayers are said.

  9. Just found your blog as I was stalking for those who had Dr. Seuss posts up. Praying for you all! Hope you all stay safe!


  10. Hope all are safe! We were bummed that we had to miss out on Leap Day because of a blizzard! Amazing how different weather can be in different parts of the country. P.S. I live in South Dakota. Liz

  11. Praying that all is safe for you and the families of your school!

  12. I live in Central Kentucky (Elizabethtown)too . We were very lucky the tornado went above and below us. Hope that you and your family weathered the storm and are all safe.

    BTW I am your newest follower

  13. Just to say Thanks for all you do to share your resources with the rest of us…You've been awarded the Lovely Blog Award…Please hop over and take a look! You're thought of in a very special way!
    Swamp Frog First Graders Lovely Blog Award


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